The Environment – Fire & Water


Australia has a history of terrible destruction and loss of life caused by bushfires. Yet we have failed to tap the most obvious fire-fighting resource, developed over thousands of years by First Nations People.

We should:

  • Direct State Government Departments, including PIRSA and the CFS, to include Aboriginal practices in land management and bushfire prevention strategies. And
  • Form a standing team of paid aboriginal fire-fighters to advise and assist in bushfire minimisation projects.


No water, No Food’ is a simple enough equation to understand. Yet the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has over-allocated water to states upstream, leaving SA’s farmers with a raw deal. On top of that, the claims of corruption and maladministration are deeply disturbing.

The State Government hasn’t helped this Federal problem. By inexplicably considering a “Rain Tax”, levied on farmers for keeping water that falls on their properties even although less than 1% of the rain falls into their dams.

There is no SA representative on the Murray Darling Basin Authority Board. How could this be allowed to happen? We must ensure our state’s voice is heard.